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Based in Gijón, Asturias, España

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Biggunzz is an action platformer where you shoot a massive gun to fly through hundreds of levels infested with deadly mutant flesh. The Earth is being consumed by a mutant flesh mass and you are the one to defeat it. Run and shoot to survive and kill your enemies in this action packed game. Shoot down to fly up, shoot left to dash right. YOU are the gunner. Remember... You shoot! Everyone flies!


In spring 2017, Nuberu Games set out to create Project Bigguz, a fast paced action platformer game which we trust to be our next hit


  • Shoot your gun to kill enemies and and fly around the levels.
  • A grotesque hand drawn world full of mutants
  • 100+ levels of brutal difficulty
  • Huge world scale with giant enemies to defeat!


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About Nuberu Games

We're an independent games studio working from Asturias, in the north of Spain, since 2014. After two mobile games, Aesthar and Twisted Rocket, we've launched Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods on Steam. Currently we're working on taking Metal Tales to consoles and starting our next game. Our goal is to make games with love and care so they resonate with our players.

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Project Biggunz Credits

Ulises Martinez
CEO, Lead Programmer

Edu Gargollo
Game Designer

Gabriel Alvarez
2D/3d Artist

Hernán Marandino
Composer and Sound Designer

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